Qcells Q.HOME storage system

Qcells Q.HOME

Qcells is a renowned manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells with a 25-year history in the solar industry. Similar to other leaders in this sector, they have also created a comprehensive lineup of energy solutions.

Segen is immensely pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Q.HOME in the UK, find out more about this innovative storage solution below.


The Q.HOME package is a great solution for homeowners who want to save energy. It comes with a Qcells Hybrid Inverter or AC Coupled Charger-Inverter that can convert power and store it in lithium-ion batteries of up to 20.58kWh (three units). Plus, you can monitor how much electricity your home is producing and using, so you can adjust your habits accordingly.

The hybrid inverter and charger-inverter have passive cooling, which means you won’t hear any noisy fans. You can install them inside your home, but they’re also rated at IP65, so you can put them outside if you prefer. And the best part is that they can provide backup power in case of a blackout.


The German-Korean manufacturer views Q.HOME as the future of energy – low carbon, clean electricity that is available when you need it.

The system comprises of three main devices: Q.SAVE, a powerful, modular battery and Q.VOLT, a high-performance Hybrid or AC-Coupled inverter.


Segen has been working closely with Qcells and this relationship has resulted in Segen being the sole UK importer of the Q.HOME storage system.

As Q.HOME is currently only available from Segen so we’d love you to find out more. There are regular installer training sessions (see the Training & Events page on the Segen portal) and an on-demand session here.

For more info right now check out the portal product pages where you’ll find brochures, datasheets, warranty information, and more.


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