Elephant next to GivEnergy All-in-one battery/charger with text Size Matters.

Size Matters.

When it comes to storage, it’s all about the numbers.

GivEnergy have a superb storage range, from AC coupled and Hybrid inverters to a comprehensive range of batteries and even smart plugs!

But their most exciting and ground-breaking device is the All in One. An inverter and battery combined into one sleek product that has been one of the most searched products on the Segen customer portal – even before it was launched!

Size matters.
There’s a reason why this AC Coupled system was hotly anticipated, not least because there’s 7.2kW peak power, the charge/discharge rates allow it to take advantage for agile tariffs and smart grid trading, while the battery pack has a fully useable 13.5kWh and has 100% depth of discharge!

More full system features:

  • Scalable: connect up to 6 systems in parallel – that’s a potential 80kWh of useable energy storage
  • Can deliver a huge 18.4kW power into the home
  • Protects power supply and keeps 3rd part inverters on during outages
  • Smart: inbuilt algorithms work with agile tariffs and smart grid trading
  • For easy handling and fitting the AIO comprises of four removable battery packs for easy maneuverability as well as requiring minimal fitting and wiring
  • Monitoring portal and App
  • Both devices have 5 Year Warranty – extendable to 10 years
GivEnergy AIO & Gateway

If you’re an installer and want to have a closer look at the AIO and Gateway click here and sign up to an online training webinar here so you can get started installing asap!

There’s a lot more information on the Segen customer portal – not got an account? see below for details how to apply.


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