The NEW Renusol RH Flat roof hook is here
Introducing the RH Flat roof hook

Kicking off 2023 the right way, Renusol launched its first product of the year – the RH Flat roof hook. The new roof hook is a universal mounting solution, meaning this product can be used on any installation site.

The NEW Renusol RH Flat roof hook is here

Everything you need to know

Renusol is fast growing in Europe, so universality was important in this roof hook’s development stages. The RH Flat roof hook has a height as low as 23.5 mm and a narrower width of just 58mm, meaning this product is perfect for smaller battens and thinner tiles. These features mean installers have the most flexibility as they can use this one mounting solution for all projects.

Another huge advantage of the RH Flat is its adjustable arm; this can be adjusted to 5 or 11 degrees by turning the base plate 180 degrees. The RH Flat also has an adjustable height, which can be adjusted to 25.6 mm, 31.9 mm, or 38.2 mm.

An Exclusive

Renusol’s PV Configurator is integrated into the Design Tool giving a manufacturer-approved design and a 20-year extended warranty. Our Design Tool helps you create custom & accurate designs, to make planning your next install as easy as possible. 

Where to purchase the RH Flat roof hook

You can buy the new roof hook along with other Renusol products on our Portal. We are proud to be a leading distributor, so why not explore which products are right for your next install?

The NEW Renusol RH Flat roof hook is here
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