Kit Builder


Segen’s new Kit Builder software allows you to design an accurate and compatible storage system in just a few clicks.

It’s a one-page platform that ensures you get the best kit every time – just choose the panels and the batteries and you’re good to go.

You can select from a range of predefined Kits that feature only products that are compatible with each other and within the operating tolerances. They also include all smaller components such as cables, connectors and disconnectors which are easy to forget.

Key Benefits

  • Best price guaranteed – Kit Builder automatically applies additional discount for any combinations of panels, inverters, and batteries. You won’t find better prices anywhere else on the portal.
  • Fastest way to produce a quote – Kit Builder is the fastest way to generate a quote with a complete bill of materials. Just five clicks and you’ve got a full quote!
  • Quotes are complete and accurate– all the compatible accessories are added and no components missing.
  • 30-day price lock – the pricing on any quote you generate from Kit Builder is locked in for 30 days, providing protection from fluctuating exchange rates, allowing you to quote in confidence.

Confidence in Kit Builder

The software gives you confidence that your systems are compatible, and which have been created at the best price possible. Take your PV installations to the next level and use Kit Builder today.

Find Kit Builder on the black menu bar. Choose what type kit you need – AC Storage Kits, Hybrid Storage Kits, PV System Kits New Build/Residential/Commercial. Click on the kit and make your choices. Bish. Bash. Bosh. Quote done. ✓✓✓


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