Viridian Clearline 335W Mono All Black G1 Version 3

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Viridian  335W – Clearline Fusion G1 Half Cut Cells G1 

Roof Integrated solar PV. Version 3

G1 modules use mono-crystalline PERC G1 cells at 158.75mm which have been cut in half. 

The "Half Cell" modules combine two circuits in parallel to to deliver a higher output rating at greater reliability, alongside a host of other technical benefits;

  • Reduced resistance losses at cell connections for higher panel efficiency
  • Each half is unaffected by shading on the other
  • Lower heating effect from spot shading
  • Greater resistance to mechanical stress in bending

Available as a 335/340Wp panel (product code VIR-PV16-335/ VIR-PV16-340).

Please note: This module is identical to the original version except for a slight difference in the colouration of the cells. This is not a striking difference but would be noticeable if mixed on the same roof.
Note: G1 modules require G1 flashing and standard flashing will not work

Supplier part Number: VIR-PV16-335-G1-V3