Sunsynk MAX 16kW, 48Vdc Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with WIFI included

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The 16kW single-phase hybrid inverter is the biggest addition to Sunsynk’s low voltage (48V) single-phase inverter range. It’s suitable for off-grid, grid support, backup, and self-consumption PV systems and can also be used in both three-phase and single-phase parallel applications. 

In terms of functionality, compatibility, and related accessories, it’s similar to the 5kW & 8kW units but particularly suited to large domestic and small commercial installations.  

“It’s the biggest single phase all-in-one inverter with everything built in, in the world”, Keith Gough, Sunsynk CEO. A true monster! 

Additional features: 

  • A total of 15x inverters can be connected in a three-phase configuration (five units per phase) – giving a maximum power output of 240kW 
  • Three inverters can be connected in a single-phase configuration giving a total power of 48kW 
  • Contains 3x MPPTs to allow for flexible PV array designs and improved efficiency 
  • Programmable multiple operation modes: on-grid/off-grid & UPS 
  • IP65 protection rating 
  • Wi-Fi dongle as standard – enabling remote monitoring via the Sunsynk cloud 
  • Compatible with leading lithium battery brands such as Hubble Lithium, Pylontech LV, Freedomwon and Kodak (BL3.6) 


For installations with Pylontech, REVOV and Hubble Lithium batteries use this BMS cable: SUN-CAN-3M

For installations with Freedom Won batteries use this BMS cable: F-WON-CAN-SUN

It is recommended that you use the size 3 fuse holder with the appropriately rated size 3 fuses when deploying this inverter system, the battery DC currents are high and the size 3 fuses best suits this application.

Installations with Sunsynk products need to be registered to gain full activation of the warranty. Register here>>

Equipment warranty registration needs to take place within 7 (seven) days of commissioning of the project, failure to register the warranty may result in the warranty being made void.
When carrying out firmware updates, ensure that the inverter is on bypass mode and the PV is off. Failure to do this may damage your inverter.

Supplier part Number: SUN-16.0