100kW Synergy Manager FUSE DC Switch, MC4, DC SPD, 25A Fuses

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Solar Edge Synergy Manager:

  • Contains communication board, AC and DC connection: no need to open the inverter units during installation.
  • Reduced BoS with support for single DC input and cost-effective aluminium cables
  • Separation of AC and DC connections
  • Dimensions of Synergy Manager (H x W x D): 360 x 560 x 295mm
  • Weight of Synergy Manager: 18kg
25Amp fuse is NOT compatible with the S1200 optimisers. 30Amp fuse (per phase) replacement is required for this inverter to work with the S1200 optimiser. 


Warning: Solar Edge Synergy Manager can not be used on its own, it always requires Synergy Units to work, 2x for 50kW and 66.6kW and 3x for 90kW and 100kW.

Supplier part Number: SE-100000-MNGR-F