Wall-Mounted Installation Package With Cable for Pelio-L-5.12



Wall Mounting Installation Kit for the Pylontech Pelio-L-5.12 LV Battery Module  

This wall mounting kit includes the following:

  1. PELIO- left bracket x 1
  2. PELIO- right bracket x1
  3. PELIO- Base x1
  4. PELIO-1.2 mcable /4AWG positive x1
  5. PELIO-1.2 mcable /4AWG negative x1
  6. PELIO-2.5 m RS485 communicationcable/RJ45 x1
  7. PELIO-2.5 m CAN communicationcable/RJ45 x1
  8. Communication port x2
  9. PELIO grounding cable x1
  10. PELIO- anti-tipping bracket x2
  11. TS51100-Pelio/outlet bracket x2
  12. Screw /M5×12    x2
  13. Screw /M4×6      x4
  14. Screw /M6X16    x4
  15. Expansion screw/M8*60  x8
  16. TSP120-R- waterproof cover x4
  17. PELIO- handle baffle x2
  18. Nylon countersunk head screw/ M5×10    x10
  19. WIFI block x1


Supplier part Number: PYL-PELIO-WALL-MOUNT