Tigo Access Point (TAP)

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The TAP (Tigo Access Point) is Tigo's latest wireless antenna. Is the improved model, it replaces the Tigo Gateway and has the same function.  Like the Gateway, the TAP allows wireless communication between the Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) and the TS4 optimizers (wireless communication between TS4 Optimisers and TAP and wired RS485 connection between TAP and CCA). Tigo TAP utilises ‘mesh’ technology which allows each Tigo TS4 optimiser to act as a repeater, extending the range of TAP.  The signal and data can hop from TS4 to TS4 along many different paths. As long as the TS4 optimisers are not more than 10m from each other, the TAP total range including ‘hops’ is 35m.     For details on differences between Gateway and TAP please follow the link to Tigo website HERE.  

Please Note – Registration with the Tigo Monitoring service must be completed in 90 days from the Warranty Start Date for Limited Warranty to be valid, for the following Equipment: TS4-M, -S, -O, -L, Tigo Access Point, and Cloud Connect Advanced when implemented with communication

Supplier part Number: TIGO-TAP