Sunsynk CATL Battery LFP 5.12kWh

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Sunsynk’s 5.12kWh battery is designed for residential UPS and off-grid applications and comprised of cells produced by CATL, one of the world’s biggest battery cell producers who supply prestige car brands such as BMW, Daimler AG, Tesla. 

It has 100% DoD, with 5.12kW max discharge power, a long-life span with a standard 5-year product warranty – register installations here

Additional features: 

  • Up to 16 units with the same firmware can be paralleled 
  • IP rating 40 
  • Self-monitoring function to detect abnormalities 
  • Excellent thermal stability 

Brackets not included; use these – SUN-WALL-BR 

Please note: These batteries contain CATL cells and are not intercompatible 

Supplier part Number: SUN-BAT-CATL-5.12