Solis Data Logging Device RF Kit and RF Stick

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Used for RF Communication between the inverter and router and compatible with all Solis Inverters. 

The Solis data logging device consists of two components:

  1. RF Kit  (data logger – connected to router)
  2. RF stick/antenna (connected to inverter)  

This is an alternative way of connecting a Solis inverter to the internet, other than standard Solis WIFi or Lan stick.

A true time saver for residential installations. The Solis RF Kit connects to the router via cable, negating the need for networking or programming to connect the system to the internet. The RF-KIT then talks to the RF-STICK via radio frequency, which transmits the data directly between the two devices. Connection is fast and seamless as the main communication takes place between two devices specifically designed to talk to each other. Not only does this make the initial set-up far quicker and easier, but if the end user ever changes their router or their ISP, this will not require another site visit to reconnect. The reconnection process is simple and easy for the homeowner.


Note: Connection is still wireless but over a different RF frequency,  the main benefit of this connection is if a customer changes their Wi-Fi router they just unplug the RF Kit from the old router, plug it in to the new router, and it all works automatically with no set up required. 

Supplier part Number: SOL-RF-LINK