SolaX X3 G4-V2 Hybrid 3 Phase Inverter HV 10.0kW

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SolaX’s X-Hybrid three-phase inverter is the most updated version of their hybrid inverters range. This adaptable and expandable device caters to residential and commercial purposes, with the possibility to incorporate several inverters in parallel allowing for scalable battery storage used in commercial settings.

The inverter also comes with a feature called EPS (Emergency Power Supply), which utilizes extra changeover devices. Multiple communication options are available, and the device can be controlled remotely. Some of its significant features are maximum efficiency of 98%, dual MPTT, remote monitoring, an IP65 rating, and a 10-year warranty.

Key features:

  • In-built EPS changeover switch
  • Supports up to 150% over-sizing
  • 30A Charge/discharge capability
  • On-grid and off-grid use
  • Includes WiFi dongle

Looking to expand your system capacity? See Solax EPS Parallel Box options:

  • X3-PBOX-60kW-G2 – Connect up 6 hybrid inverters with a maximum of 60kW
  • X3-PBOX-150kW-G2 – Connect up 10 hybrid inverters with a maximum of 150kW

Please note: When installing in parallel all inverters should have the same Kilowatt rating.

Wi-Fi is now included with Solax X3-Hybrid-G4 V2 product so no need to purchase additional Wi-Fi equipment.

Supplier part Number: X3-HYBRID-G4-10.0-V2.