SolaX X1 Mate Box Advanced Connection Box

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Solax – Mate Box Advanced

Solax Matebox is designed to simplify the installation experience. Saying goodbye to the complexities of wiring as the Solax innovative Matebox neatly organizes all the cables. Simply stack one module on top of another and connect the pre-arranged cables in the Matebox to their designated ports. Pairing with our X-ESS G4 system, you can instantly experience whole-house smart distribution. Plus, the advanced Matebox integrates ATS, enabling UPS switching for critical loads. Enjoy a hassle-free setup like never before

  • Well-sorted Cables – The X-ESS G4 includes pre-sorted cables in the Matebox, reducing the chance of wiring mistakes.
  • Modular Design – The X-ESS G4 features a modular design, making installation easier and more efficient.
  • Easy Installation – With pre-sorted cables and a simplified wiring process, the X-ESS G4 saves time and effort during installation.


Supplier part Number: X1-MATEBOX-ADV