SolaX Smart 7.2kW EV Charger – Tethered

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SolaX EV charger allows you to charge your EV with 3 different charging modes and integrate into your SolaX smart home systems with control via the Solax app. With EV charging capable from 100% of your PV energy on the green mode. The SolaX EV Charger also incorporates integrated PEN protection and RFID functionality. 

  • Green Mode: Charger with PV energy

  • Fast Mode: charge at the fastest rate

  • ECO Mode: Charge with a fixed power


  • Plug or socket outlet selectable
  • Integrated current failure monitoring (30mA AC & 6mA DC)
  • Integrated with PEN protection and no earth rod
  • Encrypted communication based on TLS Indoor and outdoor easy installation
  • Form an  intelligent photovoltaic, storage and EV charging energy system through the communication between the smart EV charger and SolaX inverter.
  • Capable with 100% green energy generated from your solar or wind generation.
  • Integrated RFID function
  • Remote setting and monitoring with APP and website
  • Smart dynamic load balance control
  • Set timers to reduce your cost during peak and valley price
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz connectivity 

Supplier part Number: SOLAX-X1-EVC-7.2K