SOLAX BMS Parallel Box

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BMS-Parallel Box

This BMS is ideal for use with the X1 and X3 Hybrid Inverters. It allows you to double the storage capacity with the Triple Power 5.8kWh batteries.

The BMS parallel box acts as a replacement for the Master battery. If retrofitting the parallel box to an existing system, the Master battery becomes redundant and cannot be installed with the parallel box.

How many batteries can I install with this product?

  • Single Phase: 2, 4 or 6 Triple Power 5.8kWh SLAVE batteries
  • Three Phase: 4, 6, 8 Triple Power 5.8kWh SLAVE batteries


  • Increase the capacity of ESS
  • Extend the working hours of ESS
  • Dual-module in case
  • Prolong the batteries life due to the alternate use of dual-module
  • IP55

L-368 H-310 D-140mm

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 2 batteries (single phase) and 4 batteries (three-phase) must be used with this product.

Supplier part Number: SOLAX-BMS-PB