SolarEdge Smart Module, 425W, Bifacial, All Black with Integrated Power Optimizer (S440)

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Smart Module Monocrystalline TOPCon Module with Half-Cut Cell Technology and Integrated Power Optimizer

SolarEdge Smart Modules with Integrated S-Series Power Optimizers for maximum energy production:

  • Advanced N-type TOPCon technology, designed to provide greater module efficiency, quality, high power, bifaciality, and long-level reliability.
  • Optimized energy output by constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPPT) of each module individually
  • Fast and easy installation with the pre-assembled Power Optimizer, with simplified cable management
  • Built-in SafeDC™ designed to enable modulelevel voltage shutdown whenever inverter or AC power is turned off, for maximum installer and firefighter safety
  • Sense Connect patented technology – the safety feature designed to automatically detect and prevent potential electric arcs at the connector level* that may cause fire events
  • Module Level Monitoring Platform for full visibility of system performance from roof to grid
  • Integrates seamlessly with the complete SolarEdge Home ecosystem using SolarEdge Home Network
  • High durability to extreme weather hazards, in addition to 1.6mm double glass
  • 25-year module warranty and linear performance warranty

Supplier part Number: SE-SPV425-R54-4N