Solar Connector Enclosure ArcBox (Single part)

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ArcBox is an easy-to-install device that surrounds a DC connector with a high-temperature ceramic enclosure and reduces the risk that an arc-fault condition will spread to surrounding combustible materials and develop into a damaging fire.

Not only does ArcBox prevent accumulation of moisture around the connection, which could lead to corrosion and a future arcing risk but the genius behind the design is when an arcing incident arises. The ArcBox contains the arc, massively reducing the chance of a fire spreading to other combustible materials nearby such as roof battens or membranes.

Ideal for any residential or commercial systems and essential for controlling risk in locations such as care homes, Hospital and Schools, where temporary closure following an incident creates knock-on effect.

Available Accessories

For ease use the mounting bracket that is suitable for batten thickness between 22-25mm thickness. Once the bracket has been hooked onto the batten the ArcBox simply clips on the bracket to keep the ArcBox securely in place. Find the batten bracket here>>

Supplier part Number: VIR-ARC-04