Single Phase Monitoring and protection device with built in current limiter (BTO)

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The SP-EVCP-RC from matt:e incorporates our unique monitoring device that disconnects all poles including CPC in the event of a broken Neutral fault in line with Regulation 722.411.4.1(iv) and has the additional functionality for load curtailment in line with Regulation 722.311.20, isolating the charge point from the supply once the house consumption rises above the pre-set limit of 60amps and automatically restores the power to the charge point when the load falls back within a satisfactory level.

Product Features

  • Built in matt:e technology
  • BS:767118th Edition A1 compliant
  • Load management with hard wired CT factory set at 60A
  • CT with simple plug and play connection
  • Built in 32amp Double Pole Type A RCBO
  • Mild steel IPX enclosure
  • Designed and Built in the UK

Standard 3 Year parts warranty

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Please Note: Matt:e SP-EVCP-T is designed for use in residential settings, with a single-phase PME power supply. It is not suitable for 3 phase supply. 

Supplier part Number: MATT-SP-EVCP-RC-60