Schletter ClampFit Fastener

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This is a new version of the popular trapezoidal fastener ClampFit-H for landscape modules. The new fastener uses standard module clamps, which makes the different sizes redundant and provides a classical “one fits all” solution for this extremely cost effective fastener.

Works with standard Schletter Rapid2 + and Rapid16 module clamps. The system is suitable for all trapezoidal sheets whose sides are at least 22 mm high and from 8 ° to max. 45 ° are inclined


System components: aluminum

Screws: stainless steel

Seal: EPDM


Please note typically this system will use 4 fixing points per module. At high wind or snow loads or with large modules it can might be required to use more fixing points.

Keywords: Schletter, PV Mounting, Roof Anchor- Trapezoidal

Supplier part Number: SLT-130004-100