S6 10kW 3PH Hybrid Inverter (incl. 3PH meter)

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**** Not approved for the Belgian market! ***

Solis S6 10kW 3PH Hybrid Inverter

  • 4 MPPTs, suitable for residential rooftop installations with multiple array orientations
  • Supports Unbalanced and Half-Wave Loads on the Grid Port and on the Backup Port
  • Compatible with multiple brands of battery models giving customers multiple battery options
  • Supports up to 10 units in parallel on Grid and Backup. Suitable for small to medium level commercial energy storage systems
  • Supports pure off grid applications with generator communication support 
  • Multiple working modes to meet different use case scenarios 
  • Controllable and Upgadeable via the SolisCloud App to avoide site visits
  • Up to 16A of MPPT current input to support 182mm/210mm solar panels
  • Supports 1.6 DC:AC ratio to connect more PV capacity to the energy storage system
  • Up to 50A/10kW max charge/discharge rating with industry highest level 10kW of backup loads support capability 
  • UPS level switching time (<10ms) supporting critical loads all the time
  • High PV charge efficiency to prevent excess PV loss
  • Safety protection with integrated AFCI function, which actively detects arc faults in the PV Array
  • Natural convection design without external fans

Please note:

  • The inverter is supplied including the S2-WL-ST data logger stick (WiFi & LAN) and a 3PH meter from Eastron

Supplier part Number: SOL-S6-EH3P-10.0K-H-EU