Redtip Hookstop Single

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Plain tiles are notorious for breaking and can be quite expensive to replace, their fragility often results in such installations taking a longer amount of time to complete to avoid damaging the roof.

This simple product negates this problem by allowing the roof hook to distribute the weight of the system (or installer) through the Hookstop and into the roof (as opposed to the weight being distributed directly onto one of the plain/rosemary tiles – resulting in damage).

The Hookstop is an impact-absorbing pad designed made of recycled rubber, called Rypol, designed to replace individual roof tiles typically on a plain tile (rosemary) installation. You may have come across it on playgrounds and sports surfaces.

“It completely eliminates the problem on Rosemary tiled roofs of installers standing on the mounting rail and the downward flexing of the roof hook, cracking the roof tile. Hookstop, prevents this by absorbing the roof hook flexing; it significantly speeds up installation time and the cost is largely offset because there is no lead work needed.” – an installer.


Supplier part Number: RED-HOOKSTOP