Rapid cross connector

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Rapid cross connector   The convenient way to connect overlapping rails

  • Economically priced, quick and safe
  • Can be assembled from above
  • No additional tools required

  The Rapid cross connector can be fastened to any rail which has a Schletter-Klick channel M8. One central fastening point with a single bolt guarantees quick assembly. The distribution of forces is structurally optimized by the new hook-in and clamp technique, to ensure that profiles cannon be twisted due to unsymmetrical loads.  All benefits of the Rapid system can now also be leveraged by the cross rail system!     This part replaces 'KlickTop M8 cross connector kit SLT-129004-000’ and because the bearing surface is identical, only the “clamping” method is different, both parts can be used on the same site if needed.    fixgrid