Projoy Firefighter Safety Switch 4 pole 2 Strings With MC4 40A per String

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String-level rapid shutdown device with 1~2 strings

Ensure the safety and reliability of your photovoltaic installations with the PEFS Rapid Shutdown. Specially designed as a critical safety device, this cutting-edge solution offers peace of mind in emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire outbreak, the DC disconnect switch becomes your first line of defense. This switch is strategically engineered to swiftly disconnect connected strings of the installation, mitigating potential hazards and containing risks.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced safety for DC photovoltaic installations
  • Swift disconnection of connected strings during emergencies
  • Robust enclosure built to withstand dust and moisture (IP66)
  • Automatic switch-off during AC power interruptions exceeding five seconds
  • Automatic switch-on upon AC power restoration longer than five seconds


5 Years Warranty

Supplier part Number: PEFS-EL40-04-P2