MetaSole+ LANDSCAPE – High Top

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RENUSOL METASOLE+  Rooftop mounting system for trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal roofs.

125mm long rail, 72mm high. 

High Top design raises PV modules higher from the roof surface to increase ventilation and thereby increase the performance of the modules in high temperature applications.

100mm distance to the roof.

Short, non-continuous rails lead to material saving solar installation on trapezoidal sheet.

Horizontal PV module orientation

PV modules with a frame height of 30 to 50 mm are attached to the MS+ HT mounting system in landscape, arranged in columns on the trapezoidal sheet.

Installation without pilot drilling – self-tapping screws fix the MS+P PV mounting system directly to the trapezoidal sheet.

For trapezoidal steel sheet 0.4-1.25mm thickness and aluminium sheet 0.5-2.00mm thickness

Readymade kits suitable for the installation of PV systems on trapezoidal sheet steel and / or aluminium in various thicknesses.  MS+ HT consists of 1 x High Top Mounting Plate and 2 x REN-400281 screws (not sold separately)


Renusol mounting equipment must not be used with mounting equipment from other suppliers. Doing so would inevitably void the warranty of the mounting system.


Supplier part Number: REN-420423