MC4 Female Connector – Single – 0016

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Supplier code: 32.0016P0001-UR   Female cable coupler as individual part (including insulating part)  

  • Snap-in lock
  • Locking by safety lock clip PV-SSH4 in accordance with NEC 2011, can be released only with tool
  • Proven MULTILAM technology with high long-term stability, which ensures consistently low performance loss throughout the entire service life of the plug connector
  • Tried and tested plug connectors, 14 years of experience in the field
  • Suitable for assembly with cross-sections of 4 and 6 mm²

  Rated current: 39 A (for 4 and 6mm2 cable)

Please use correct MC4 approved tools to crimp these connectors on to bare cables. 


This product is currently end of life in our portfolio. Our recommended alternative product is the MC4 Female Connector – 0014 Single  

Pricing is applicable while stocks last.


Supplier part Number: MC4-FEM