LG 400W Mono NeonH Plus Black V6

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Engineered to Perform

  • NeON® H+ Black solar panels use gap-free half-cut NeON® 2 cells with LG Cello Technology, allowing them to operate at lower temperatures, reduce power consumption and limit electrical losses.
  • The result is a solar panel that provides greater output and improved reliability even on hotter days.

Designed to Turn Heads

  • The gap-free technology used to create NeON® H+ Black panels doesn’t just provide increased power density and enhanced performance when combined with our Cello Technology.
  • It helps us create a more aesthetic as well as reliable design by reducing stress where the cells overlap.
  • NeON® H+ Black’s gap-free cells are also a deeper black color than conventional solar cells—making them a sleek choice for homeowners who refuse to sacrifice looks for performance.

More Reliability 

  • The LG NeON® R is manufactured with n-type wafers, which use phosphorus. This leads to extremely low light-induced degradation (LID) rates.
  • The NeON® R models can handle a front load of 5,400 Pa and a rear load of 4,000 Pa.
  • The LG NeON® R panels boast a low -0.29% temperature coefficient, which means they perform well even on hot days.
  • Module efficiency 20.4% 

Comes supplied with MC4 connectors.

NOTE:  LG Panels do not have MCS certifcation. 

Supplier part Number: LG400N3K-V6