Huawei DTSU666-H Three Phase Energy Meter with 3x 250A CT

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Huawei Smart Power Sensor 3 phase DTSU666-H with 3x 250A CTs   

Smart Energy Meter can be used for export limitation using Huawei inverters. Single inverter systems using 3KTL – 20KTL-M0 inverters can limit export using ‘DTSU666-H-3PH-250A’ meter only. Multiple inverter systems or systems using inverters bigger than 20KTL require additional Huawei Smartlogger. See G100 document for details.  

Please note current clamps should be sized according to incoming grid supply in the property (not size of the PV array), please check if these 250A CTs are sufficient before buying.    

Huawei Part Code: 20022249-001