GM Rear Upright 80x55x3 2219L

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Solarport specialise in advanced ground-mounted solar solutions that prioritise quality and ease of installation, integrating seamlessly with various foundation options to ensure cost-effective, long-lasting installations that support the lifespan of solar power plants. Solarport is the leading UK designer and manufacturer of solar mounting systems and the ground mount system offers a range of features;

  • Online Design tool – All systems fully structurally calculated.
  • Quality materials – Superior quality structural steel S350 – S450, ZM310 – ZM800.
  • Multiple Foundation options – Range of foundations allow Solarport to be considered for the most challenging of sites.
  • Installer materials – Detailed site analysis and technical drawings available
  • Design flexibility – Range of angles available and suitable for ground undulations


To initiate your inquiry, download the Solarport Modular Enquiry form and fill in the necessary details. Once completed, forward it to your Segen Account Manager.


Upon completion, you will receive a pile diagram along with modular design images for your Solarport Modular Ground Mount system. These resources can be used to aids your ground mount installation process.


Supplier part Number: SPT-1261-RUP-30