Givenergy PV Protection – 800V – 20A – 1PH

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GivEnergy PV Protection

GivEnergy PV Protection offer the ability to switch off the DC cable in your house when the mains is isolated.

The DC energy runs through the device before entering the inverter, in the event of a grid outage, it will disconnect the solar DC from the inverter, ensuring that there are no live DC cables running through the property. It acts as a firemans switch to isolate the DC in an emergency and allows emergency services (if required) to enter the property through the roof without risk of electric shock.

PV protect is a mandatory type of device for those wishing to claim SEAI grants in Ireland.

  • Fully complaint with SEAI
  • Dual MPPT input 800V DV 20A
  • High voltage automatic DC connector relay
  • Disconnects PV supply when the grid fails
  • Automatically reinstates OV supply when gris stable
  • Programmable grid settings
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Non-invasive, low maintenance requirement

Dimensions (W – H – D) – 310 x 200 x 93.5

IP – IP20 / IP67

Supplier part Number: GIV-PVPRO