GivEnergy Commercial Storage – Enhanced Commissioning – Two Person



GivEnergy Commercial Storage – Enhanced Commissioning – Two Person

Addition to the standard commissioning it is possible for GivEnergy to provide support in erecting and connecting the storage system. Enhanced commissioning is available for a fee and can include assistance from one or two people. In this two person option all below points are include. 

  • Connection of DC power cables (1)

    • Between battery packs
    • Between battery racks and DC Cabinets/PCS
  • Data connections (1)

    • Between battery packs
    • Between battery racks and DC Cabinets/PCS
    • To metering
    • To PCS
    • To EMS
  • Support with positioning PCS/DC Cabinet/Battery racking* (2)
  • Installation of battery packs into racking (2)

A daily rate for 1 person or 2 persons per 600kWh/day is applicable within England, Wales and the Scottish Lowlands an additional fee will be applicable for the Scottish Highlands, North Ireland and Europe. Please see One Person / Two Persons

*Please note that GivEnergy are not able to provide any lifting equipment, this means that provisions for unloading the delivery vehicle and manoeuvring equipment into the installation area must be provided. Furthermore GivEnergy do not have the capacity to fix any components to the floor/wall or connect/test any AC electrical connections.

Supplier part Number: GIV-COMMERCIAL-ENCOM-2