GivEnergy AC Coupled 3.0kW Battery Inverter

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The GivEnergy AC Coupled Inverter works as a standalone energy storage system or alongside solar, hydro, or wind-turbine to store excess energy.

Make the most of a split rate energy tariff (e.g. Economy 7) by charging the battery at off-peak times when energy rates are cheaper and discharging during the more expensive periods to reduce your overall energy bill

System needs to be connected to the internet to comply with warranty requirements.

Product Features

  • Uses GivEnergy Lithium batteries that can be added to extend KWh of battery bank
  • Installed to new builds or retrofitted to an existing solar pv system 
  • Monitor usage through web-app interface
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Backup function supported

Please note:

  • Givenergy online portal login is required to fully commission this system. If You do not already have a login, please contact GivEnergy before going to site to install!
  • You need to attend GivEnergy Installers Training in order to install this product. Please check with GivEnergy for details.   If fitted by non-trained installer the Warranty will be VOID!
  • Givenergy system must be connected to the internet to benefit from full warranty services, please refer to GIV-WIFI-DONGLE or GIV-4G-DONGLE-5YEAR
  • When connecting GivEnergy products of differing generations, different cables will be required. 
  • For example, when connecting a Gen 1 hybrid to a Gen 2 battery, GIV-BC-LP-G will be required.
  • When connecting a Gen 2 battery to another Gen 2 battery, GIV-BAT-CAB-G2-G2 will be required.


Supplier part Number: GIV-AC3.0