GivEnergy 9.5kWh Li-Ion Battery – Gen 2

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GivEnergy 9.5 kWh Eco Li-Ion Battery

State-of-the-Art Management System 

Utilising lithium iron phosphate, GivEnergy batteries are extremely safe and can be installed in a wide range of locations. Their market-leading battery warranty means you can use your battery as much as you want for 12 years and still be covered.

GivEnergy Offer: Free EV Charger

We’re delighted to announce the news that this July, you will receive a free GivEnergy EV Charger with every purchase of a full system that includes either the GivEnergy 9.5 kWh Battery or the GivEnergy All in One at Segen. See below packages to take advantage of this great offer!


  • Plug & Play functionality
  • Fully Recyclable at end of life
  • Remote Firmware upgrades
  • IP65 Rated
  • 12 Year warranty


  • Dual BMS system allowing greater control and functionality
  • Scalable Battery Packs – Up to 5 per inverter in 2019
  • 0.5C-1C charge and discharge rate
  • Retrofit compatible
  • 157Wh per Kg +/- 5%
  • Depth of Discharge 100%


When connecting Gen 1 and Gen 2 GivEnergy products together, for example a Gen 1 hybrid inverter with a Gen 2 9.5 battery, you must use a G1 to G2 cable; GIV-BAT-CAB-G1-G2. This would also be required if you connect a Gen 2 9.5 battery to a Gen 1 8.2 battery.
If you are connecting Gen 2 products together, such as a Gen 2 hybrid and a Gen 2 9.5 battery, you must use a G2 to G2 cable; GIV-BAT-CAB-G2-G2
Please note:

  • Givenergy online portal login is required to fully commission this system. If You do not already have a login, please contact GivEnergy before going to site to install!
  • You need to attend GivEnergy Installers Training in order to install this product. Please check with GivEnergy for details.   If fitted by non-trained installer the Warranty will be VOID!


Supplier part Number: GIV-BAT9.5