GivEnergy 1PH Hybrid Inverter 3.6kW 3rd Generation – With Bonding Kit

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GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter 3.6kW Gen 3 

The third generation of the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter range

PLEASE NOTE: This is an updated version, and an Earth Bonding Kit is now included in the box. GIV-PE-KIT-G3 is NOT required as a separate product.  

It can be coupled directly with solar panels to generate usable electricity in the property as well as store any excess energy for later use in a battery. The Hybrid Inverter aims to minimise export by storing excess energy in the battery during generation hours. Additionally, it will minimise import by discharging to meet demand in the property


  • MPPT Range 120V – 550V
  • Max. Short Circuit Current (per string) 20A
  • Max. Input Current (per string) 15A
  • MPPT Tracker / No. of Strings per MPPT Tracker 2/1


  • In-built WiFi and LAN
  • Higher Charge/Discharge Rate
  • Flexible Rate Tarif
  • 12 Year Warranty

Effective of Monday, September 11th, the GivEnergy residential battery storage system will no longer offer a 5-year warranty with the option of extending it to 10 years. Instead, all residential batteries, inverters, and AIO units will now come with a standard 12-year warranty.

Systems installed before the 11th of September still have 60 days to order a warranty extension.

Major announcement: introducing an industry leading 12 year warranty | GivEnergy

FAQ: The GivEnergy 12 year warranty | GivEnergy

Please note:

  • Givenergy online portal login is required to fully commission this system. If you do not already have a login, please contact GivEnergy before going to site to install!
  • You need to attend GivEnergy Installers Training in order to install this product. Please check with GivEnergy for details.   If fitted by non-trained installer the Warranty will be VOID!
  • Givenergy system must be connected to the internet to benefit from full warranty services




Supplier part Number: GIV-HY-3.6-G3-PE