Genius Roof – Speed Flash

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The SpeedFlash® streamlines solar installations on slate roofs with a quick, no-‘drill through slate’ method that preserves roof integrity. Ideal for 18″+ slates, it minimizes the need for slate removal. Not for 4″ headlap composite slates.

For use on all slate roofs with 3-inch head-lap

  • 1 x SpeedFlash® Base and Cap
  • 2 x Shims (packings)
  • 1 x Foam Insert
  • 1 x Spring support

Unlike the SolarFlash®, you do not need to remove any slates. This significantly reduces installation time and the requirement for roofing experience. The SpeedFlash concept retains all the benefits of the SolarFlash®; i.e. no requirement for drilling, avoidance of load bearing and preventing water ingress, thereby maintaining the integrity of the roof.

SpeedFlash Demonstration Video

Supplier part Number: GEN-SPEEDFLASH