Genius Roof – Hallhooks for Fitting Slates (10 Pack)

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The Hallhook™ from Genius Roof Solutions is a permanent, secret and fail safe device that should be used when replacing a broken slate.

The Hallhook was invented by a slater and tiler with 45 years of trade under his belt who couldn't stand to see a slate tiled roof covered with unsightly lead or copper straps. He tried all other available slate repairs such as straps, blobs of silicone, plastic proucts that are not only unsightly but time-consuming to install, etc. and then went on to develop the Hallhook. 

When to use the Hallhook™ 

  • For general repair
  • After solar panel bracket mounting
  • After roof light/window installation
  • After installing slate vents

This is a pack of 10 pcs.

Supplier part Number: GEN-SLATE-HOOKS