FlatFix Fusion Ballast Container Portrait

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FlatFix Fusion Portrait is Esdec’s modular and flexible mounting system for solar panels on small and medium-sized roofs. Its modular design enables a customized configuration to be created for every roof. FlatFix Fusion can be set up either in dual or single configuration. FlatFix Fusion is a 100% Dutch product that has proven itself for years.

  • FlatFix Fusion Portrait ballast container, can be used on any Fusion configuration.
  • Universal tray for bricks or blocks.
  • Self locates onto high base locator pins.
  • Can be screwed directly onto the base profiles in the perimeter position in combination with the Self-tapping sheet metal screw (ESD-1008085).

Please read the "Application Note FlatFix Fusion Panel length and Ballast Container Matching Table" document to check the correct Ballast Container is chosen for the module length.

For panel lengths 1690-1780mm and width 1000-1140mm

Supplier part Number: ESD-1007230