FlatFix Fusion Anchor Bars (BTO)

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FlatFix Fusion is Esdec’s modular and flexible mounting system for solar panels on small and medium-sized roofs. Its modular design enables a customized configuration to be created for every roof. FlatFix Fusion can be set up either in dual or single configuration. FlatFix Fusion is a 100% Dutch product that has proven itself for years.

  • The Anchor bar for FlatFix Fusion allows the system to be mechanically fixed.
  • Can be used with a selection of approved fixings: For use on roofs which cannot have the additional weight of ballast, Fixings directly under the module, Lower amount of fixings compared to other systems, 2 different lengths for different modules. For modules between 1590mm and 1800mm use 1007270. For modules between 1800mm and 2080mm use 1007271. 

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