Emlite 1-ph Bi-Directional generation meter 100A (1000 pulse/kWh) incl. Cover

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Emlite Single Phase Bi-Directional (Import/Export) Total Generation Meter 100A with Pulse Output

Emlite Bi-Directional meter provides three different readings that scroll across on the screen automatically; these readings are Import, Export and NET values.    NET Values should be used as Feed In Tariff readings when used with DC coupled storage or Hybrid (PV and Battery) inverters.     Please check Installation Manual file for details on how to install this BiDirectional meter correctly!    

This meter meets the “Bi-directional meter” criteria as listed in ‘Guidance for generators: Co-location of electricity storage facilities with renewable generation supported under the Renewables Obligation or Feed-in Tariff schemes (Version 2)’  document released by OFGEM.

  Part Code: ECA2.nz

Does not come with CT's.

Supplier part Number: EM-ECA2-BI