ClickFit EVO – Hanger Bolt M10x250mm

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ClickFit Evo is a mounting solution for tiled, steel, corrugated and standing seam roofs. Developed by Esdec to be quicker, simpler, and safer. ClickFit EVO has a smart click connection that allows for quick and easy installation of solar to the roof. Small number of components and installation steps means that panels can be installed up to 50% quicker.

  • For wooden purlins.
  • Can compensate for roof irregularities of up to 10degrees.
  • Both vertical and horizontal rails possible.

With the ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt, you can quickly install solar panels on all types of corrugated roofs. The hanger bolt is provided pre-assembled and the flexible adapter allows you to easily and quickly compensate for roof irregulatiries of up to 10 degrees. Using the universal ClickFit EVO click connection fitted to the hanger bolt as standard, you can simply carry on working with familiar components from the ClickFit EVO product line, such as universal rails, module clamps and end caps. As well as being suitable for corrugated roofs, this hanger bolt can also be used on steel roofs, EPDM, bitumen and Arabic tiles.

Segen highly encourage installers to sign up to the Esdec online academy to maximise on ease and speed of installation.

Supplier part Number: ESD-1008012