2m Cable pack for US2000B/C, US3000, US5000, UP5000 battery models

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Pylon battery cable accessory kit for use between the US range of batteries and DC disconnecter switch. NOT FOR USE FOR  PARALLEL BATTERY CONNECTION.

You require one cable pack per system up to a maximum of 100A supply charge/discharge. For Larger systems, two cable packs may be necessar, subject to the system current rating.  

This cable pack includes the following solar cables:

2 x 2m long power cables (positive and negative), 2 comms cables for UK use, see note below in red. 


NB SA only:

–  Please note that this cable pack no longer comes with the communication cable.

– The maximum cable pack a customer can purchase in a single order is 20 cable packs. 


UK – Cable pack includes 2 x comms cables.  For connection to a US type C variant battery to a Solis inverter, please use the comms cable with blue labelling from this pack








Supplier part Number: CAB-PK-PYLON