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Enphase Energy are one of the most recognisable global solar brands, with a specialisation in microinverter technology with 13 million units sold across the world and over 1.1 million successful systems installed.



Growatt produces solar inverters and system solutions for a global market. Their mission is to increase availability and efficiency, whilst applying continuous innovation to make Growatt products a cost-effective yet quality choice.

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Huawei Technologies are a multinational corporation based in Shenzhen.  With a presence in over 170 countries and interests in a variety of markets, annual revenue exceeds $120 billion pa.  This is a company with true long-term quality and reliability.

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Solis makes a wide range of inverters at a very cost-effective price point which installers love. They manage to do so without compromising on quality, which is why they’ve carved out a name as one of the best inverter brands on the market.

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SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and has a market share of over 70% in the power optimising sector. They are an instantly recognisable global brand that helps shape the entire industry.



Tigo is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique system-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, they developed the first Smart Module Optimizer technology in the industry


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An inverter is required to transform the DC energy your solar panel generates into usable AC current, suitable for household appliances. They’re a crucial component of a PV system and we’re going to explore the different types you have available below, as well as our high-performing brands that will help you maximise your installation’s power output.



String inverters are the most common solution you’ll find on the market. They’re reliable and cheap, but allow you to connect ‘strings’ of solar panels back to the unit. They’re hugely popular for a reason, but it’s worth noting that because of the setup, your output will be limited to the lowest-performing module on that string. So if only one of your panels was damaged, your entire array would be limited by that.


An MPPT (or Maximum Power Point Trackers) are built into inverters and their primary role is to allow the inverter to automatically extract as much power as possible. This is done via an algorithm which makes the system operate at the most efficient voltage. This allows them to detect and correct some of the voltage and current variations between each module, resulting in higher output across the connected string(s).


A Microinverter is different to an optimiser in the sense that an optimiser is taking DC from the module and optimising this to make it more palatable for the inverter. Whereas a Microinverter converts the DC power to AC directly behind the module itself. Microinverters share a lot of benefits with optimisers in terms of module specific monitoring and shade optimisation and are considered to be a very safe solution when you consider that DC power is isolated to the roof and everything back inside the property is AC.


Beyond MPPT’s there are optimizers. They sit between each panel and the inverter and optimize the panel output. This process may increase price on the installation but it will bring unparalleled benefits.  The optimizer isolates panel-specific issues to the connected module, so only individual modules will be impacted by things like shading. Additionally, an optimizer behind each panel even allows you to monitor, right down to the module level.



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