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Easee have been on a mission to create the world’s smartest EV charger. Their commitment to sustainability has led to them developing a charging robot that is 69% smaller and lighter than other comparable electric chargers.

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EO been building their brand within the EV industry since 2015, with a lot of success from their fleet vehicle chargers. They were named in the Financial Time’s Fastest Growing European Companies.

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myenergi are a British EV Charging brand that has really grown from strength to strength to dominate the domestic market with true quality behind every product

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SolarEdge are a household name in solar, and now you can add their EV charger to futureproof any install for the rise of Electric Vehicles.


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EV Charging

It’s a growing force. And by 2030 in the UK, it is expected that all new cars sold will be electric vehicles.  With the increasing number of incentives to drive an EV car (EV) – plus the falling prices and rapidly developing technology – now is the time to switch.

At Segen we are continuously reviewing the market to bring you the best in standalone chargers, integrated PV solar charging systems and EV charger add-ons for existing PV systems.


EV charge point installation presents a huge new business opportunity for electricians as a result of government incentives, grants and policies. The increased demand means the opportunity for electricians within the EV market is one of the most lucrative in the electrical industry.

With every new EV registration, the demand for charging stations increases – each new EV purchased requires easy access to a charging station, not just at home or at work but in public spaces – and installation must always be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Electricians with the skills and qualifications to take advantage of this high demand will be tasked with the installation of EV charging stations to keep up with a market estimated to be worth up to £7.6 trillion by 2050.



EV Charging Types

There are 2 broad types of EV charging, AC andDC. AC charging is the type found in homes and businesses, DC charging (Rapid charging) is the type found in public places such as service stations and retail car parks. We’ve collated the different applications for EV charging below, so you can decide which one is right for you.


AC chargers usually mounted on the wall of a house or garage and normally used by one or two vehicles. Typically the charger is a Mode 3, 7kW and delivers up to 32A of charge, and can charge a car from empty to full in around 4-8 hours, depending on the size of the battery in the car and the car’s maximum charge current.


AC chargers mounted in the car parks of apartment blocks, offices or other workplaces, used by fleets of cars or vans. Here a three-phase mains supply will be available enabling the use of a Mode 3, 22kW charger. This can charge a car in 2-6 hours.


Public charging stations at places like supermarkets and service stations can charge up to 250kW. A car can go from empty to full in 20 minutes.



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