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SUPER 6IX is Back!

We’ve gathered some of our customers favourite products and sprinkled a bit of sparkle on them. Then packaged them up to create 6IX superb offers that we think can’t be beaten.

First up are two packages featuring popular Solis and Pylontech devices. These two packages are extra special as any size Solis hybrid inverter (1Ph) can be selected yet the package price still stands!

The meat in the sandwich is fulfilled by Fox ESS and their 3.7kW and 5.0kW H1 hybrid inverters paired with the ECS battery.

Finally the icing on the cake comes courtesy of SolarEdge with their Home inverter and battery – now these two are at really keen prices!

The Benefits:

  1. Save time on Kit Builder
  2. Guaranteed all the right components bundled together, delivered together at the same time
  3. Bundles designed for the most common house types
  4. Amazing prices to help increase conversion rate
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