No site is off limits with Solarport!

Solarport Ground Mount

Commercial and domestic-scale ground mounts coming soon.

Solarport, founded in 2015 by a team of engineers, solar installers, and construction professionals, has rapidly become the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of solar ground mount systems. And they’re coming to Segen!

The UK based company specialises in ground solar ground mounting systems from high profile utility-scale solar generation to commercial and domestic installations.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, their expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and solar energy are visible in each cost-effective and easy to install solution.

The Modular System

An off-the-shelf solution for rapid deployment engineered with simplicity and flexibility at its core.

Due to arrive in stock in May, the Modular system for arrays from 2×2 to 2×30 panels is perfectly designed for both commercial and residential locations.

It’s an elegant design that minimises component variations, featuring universal parts for easy expandability. The Modular framework employs a single fixing size throughout, eliminating on-site complications and accelerating the installation process.

The foundation options make the Modular system compatible with the majority of UK and Ireland terrain and the best part of all the modules on the market.

  • Simple, repeatable, modular design
  • Compatible with almost all panel specifications
  • Interchangeable foundation options to tackle any terrain with and without machinery.
  • 25-year above and below ground warranty
  • Panels can be installed landscape or portrait at 20°, 25° and 30°
  • Utility-grade material specification

No Site off Limits

Solarport’s dedication to ensuring that no site is off limits means that they have spent years researching and designing foundation solutions to make each site easy to install and accessible.

The modular nature allows installers to seamlessly integrate numerous foundation options to suit virtually all terrains or ground conditions.

The Modular System brochure
Going Underground

There’s a wide range of fixing options to enable installation on any kind of terrain. These include Driven Pile, X-Anchor, Ballasted, Direct Fix, Ground Anchor, and Ground Screw. Here’s a quick overview of each, further details on all foundation options are available on the Solarport website

Find out more about all the foundation types available from Segen here.

Get ready for the first drop of Solarport ground mount by registering for the webinar on the 24th of April at 10am, browse the brochure, and watch this video.

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