Smart Charge Point Regulations

Let’s keep you up to date with the new EV smart charge point regulations!

Smart charge point regulations have changed which means that EV chargers sold in GB are being regulated to help manage the increase in demand for electricity.

The regulations cover private EV chargers that are sold for domestic, or workplace use in Great Britain and smart cables which are defined as an electrical cable which is an EV charger and can send and receive information.

On the 30th of June 2022, the regulations come into force and they apply to any person or business selling, offering or advertising a charge point for sale

The revised regulations state the EV chargers sold for private charging of vehicles must meet certain device-level requirements, such as the following.

  • Smart functionality – the ability to send and receive information, the ability to respond to signals to increase the rate at which electricity flows through the device
  • Electricity supplier interoperability, allowing the chargers to retain smart functionality even if the owner switches electricity suppliers
  • Continued charging even if the EV charger ceases to be connected to a communication network
  • Safety provisions, preventing the user carrying out an operation which could risk the health and safety of a person
  • A measuring system, to measure or calculate the electricity imported or exported and the time the charging lasts, with visibility to the owner of this information
  • Security requirements consistent with the existing cyber security standard ETSI EN 303 645
  • Incorporate pre-set, off-peak, default charging hours and allow the owner to accept, remove or change these upon first use and subsequently
  • Allow for a randomised delay function

A full outline of the device-level requirements can be found in the regulations. Click this link to ensure you’re keeping up to date!

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