Segen Steps Up!

Following a period of huge growth and a review of the Segen operation, we are delighted to announce our long-term partnership with a leading third-party logistics provider, Wincanton.

The partnership will see the transformation of our warehousing capabilities, consolidating existing multiple facilities into a single 265,000 square foot national distribution centre in Medway, Kent. Here, a state-of-the-art warehouse management system will be deployed to improve stock visibility and enhance Segen customer experience.

The various warehouse facilities will be migrating to Kent over the next six months in a staged approach to ensure any disruption to our customer service is minimal during this transition period.

But you’re probably wondering, what does this mean for me as the customer?

  • Single site means you’ll have visibility and access to all our stock, not just the warehouse nearest to you
  • State of the art warehouse management systems and quality control will improve pick accuracies and reduce returns
  • Eliminating the transport of goods from multiple warehouses reduces carbon footprint
  • The ability to see your order from when it leaves us, to arriving at your location
  • The additional space we have in Medway makes way for a state-of-the-art installer training academy launching early 2024

Our new Medway operation is a key part of Segen’s commitment to help the UK solar industry hit its 2023 target of 70GW of deployment, while providing an enhanced customer experience.

This is an extremely exciting chapter for Segen, David Rice, Managing Director Segen UK, adds – “this partnership is essential for our growth ambitions.  As the UK’s leading renewables distributor, we are taking the business and our customer experience to the next level.  Our partnership with Wincanton and our joint vision of driving efficiency and sustainability improvements through innovation will mean we can do just that.”