Segen Ltd partners with CEF

Segen Ltd partners with CEF to push renewable energy market forward.


Leading UK renewables distributor Segen Ltd, partners with sister company City Electrical Factors (CEF), in joint move to become market leaders in renewable energy solutions.

Segen, a leading global wholesale distributor of Solar PV & energy storage systems, has partnered with City Electrical Factors (CEF), the UK’s leading Electrical Wholesale Network to drive growth in the renewable energy industry.

In Partnership

The partnership, which will now see the Labora owned businesses benefit from 43% combined market share, is a welcomed move for customers. With both businesses offering an unrivalled product portfolio of the highest quality and competitively priced products in the renewables industry. Segen is the UK’s only distributor of Tesla Powerwall, which is now available to Certified Installers through CEF.

With the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy sources, CEF will now be offering customers the option to purchase full renewable energy solutions with an increased depth of range and access to leading manufacturers, increasing the already extensive product portfolio currently available.

The collaboration between CEF and Segen will enable us to significantly enhance our support of current and potential solar installers across the UK. With almost 400 CEF branches in the UK & Ireland, CEF’s tens of thousands of installer relationships, and Segen’s access to the best suppliers of solar products, this partnership will create an unrivalled offering to the industry.

By joining forces & combining our expertise, we’re able to offer industry leading solutions, while growing the market and training more critically needed solar installers, accelerating us towards our goal of decarbonizing the world one installation at a time.

Thomas Hartland Mackie

Chief Executive Officer, Labora Group

The partnership is a great strategic fit for both customers and businesses alike, as both businesses are culturally aligned, incorporate the same great service and through a strategic procurement process offering “great” value pricing. Both Segen & CEF place a strong emphasis on delivering superior customer service and building relationships with their customer base, putting customer satisfaction at the heart of the business.

I am absolutely delighted to be working with CEF more strategically. Our new partnership will not only increase Segen’s reach, but more importantly this will help both Segen & CEF to have access to the best solar products in the market and to be able to offer our customers more products than ever before.

Working in partnership will make us stronger together to offer more innovative solar solutions, advancing sustainability and driving positive change in our communities.

Dave Rice

Chief Operating Officer, Segen & Soligent

Both businesses are well established with a combined age of 94 years, each earning an excellent reputation within their respective industries, the partnership will play an essential part in achieving net zero targets and a global transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Our new working partnership combines Segen’s two decades of experience in the buying, storage and movement of renewables products with CEF’s commitment to customer relationships, best in class service and our extensive branch network.

The line between a purely renewables installer, and an electrical contractor are blurring and will continue to. It’s our commitment to offer an unrivalled experience to every installer, whether they’ve been in the renewables market 10 years or 10 minutes.

Mike Gadd

Renewables Division Director, CEF

Segen will continue to serve their traditional group of Solar PV and ESS installers, while CEF is in the unique position to reach 60,000 electrical contractors and customers wanting a local branch network.

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