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Qcells, even though they are now headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, they have kept their engineering offices in Thalheim, Germany, where the company was founded in 1999.

They are one of the largest solar panel manufacturers with a range that combines the best cell technologies to provide an innovative module range.

Their premium solar modules are the result of their industry-leading technical expertise, with more than 400 scientists and engineers researching, developing, and conducting tests across four R&D centres located globally.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that their solar modules have set numerous world records for efficiency.


Qcells are a long-standing member of the Silicon Module Super League (SMSL) – a guide to solar PV manufacturers by respected industry news outlet PV Tech.

Module supply from the SMSL sets the benchmark for all PV module suppliers in the industry and prompts project developers, installers and the like to investigate further the performance, reliability, and quality of products being offered.



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Product codeCategoriesName
Q-HOME-CHINT-METERQcells, Storage Energy Meter, Storage SystemsCHINT Energy Meter EM DDSU666 220/230V 1.5(6)A
Q.PEAK-G11-M-BLK-PLUS-DUO-395Monocrystalline, PV Panel, Qcells395W Mono Q Peak Duo BLK Plus M-G11 All Black
Q.PEAK-G11-M-DUO-405Monocrystalline, PV Panel, QcellsQ Peak M-G11-Duo 405W Mono
Q.HOME-HYB-H4Hybrid Inverter, Qcells, Storage SystemsQ.HOME CORE H4 – Hybrid Inverter – Without Battery
Q.HOME-BAT-B6.8SLi-ion Battery Pack, Qcells, Storage SystemsQ.HOME CORE Q.SAVE Battery module 6.8 kWh
Q.HOME-BATT-CAB-1.6Battery Cable, Qcells, Storage SystemsQ.HOME CORE Battery Power cable (1,6m)
Q.HOME-BATT-CAB-2.6Battery Cable, Qcells, Storage SystemsQ.HOME CORE Battery Power cable (2,6m)
Q.HOME-BMS-CABCommunication Cable, Qcells, Storage SystemsQ.HOME CORE BMS communication cable (1m)
Q.HOME-CHINT-CTAccessory, Display, QcellsCHINT CT BH-0.66 Current Transformer
Q.HOME-WIFI-DONGLECommunication Module, Qcells, Storage SystemsWi-Fi Dongle
Q.PEAK-G11-DUO-400-HQC4Monocrystalline, PV Panel, Qcells400W Mono Q Peak Duo M G11 Black Frame HQC4
HQC4-PAIRConnector, PV Cable, QcellsHQC4 Connector pair (1x Male, 1x Female) for Q-Cells