GivEnergy EV Charger


A new adaptive EV charger that can charge from the grid, renewable sources, and battery storage.

Completing the ecosystem, the recently launched GivEnergy 7kW EV charger has been well received in the industry and end users alike with reports of some GivEnergy system owners swapping out existing chargers to create a one-brand system. This holistic approach has allowed them to benefit from a single monitoring app where the PV, battery and EV can be viewed on the same platform.


The GivEnergy 7kW EV Charger In short
We’ve collected some of the best reasons to choose their EV charging solutions here:

• Compact: Sleek, compact design for installation in tight places.
• Durable: Tough enough to live indoors or outdoors – rain or shine.
• Smart: Wi-Fi integrated and App-controlled.
• Plug and Play: Fast and easy installation.
• App Controlled: Monitor and control the vehicle’s charge via the GivEnergy Monitoring Portal and App.
• Integrated PEN fault protection: No earth rod required.

Technical Specifications:
• Power Output Rating: 7kW/32A AC
• Dimensions: 288 x 260 x 112 mm


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