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Easee EV charger

Easee EV Charger

Easee have been on a mission to create the world’s smartest EV charger. Their commitment to sustainability has led to them developing a charging robot that is 69% smaller and lighter than other comparable electric chargers.

To keep things as simple as possible, they only make a single model that is universal and easy to install. The Easee charger is also suited for any install, commercial or domestic.

They’ve grown to over 100+ staff from their Norway base over the last 3 years. In 2020 Easee delivered over 70,000 charging robots (or just car chargers to us), with 500k predicted in 2021.

We’ve collected some of the best reasons to choose their EV charging solutions here:
  • Brand new product on the market
  • Cheaper than other competitors, with stock ready to ship
  • O-PEN comes built in, saving you money on each install
  • Compatible with every car currently on the market.
  • Beautifully sleek design



If you want to take advantage of our new Easee range, the best way to get started is with free training from Easee which you can sign up for here.


We’re proud to be launching the brand new Easee range on our portal. Discover the brand new EV solution causing a stir.

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We stock the largest amount of these products of any UK company, meaning we’re always ready with the products you need.

Product codeCategoriesName
EZI-CVR-BLKCover, Easee, EV ChargingEasee Charger Cover Black
EZI-CVR-WHICover, Easee, EV ChargingEasee Charger Cover White
EZI-DS-10401Charge Point Connection Unit, Easee, EV ChargingEasee Ready Docking Station
EZI-HK-STDEasee, EV Charging, Wall DockEasee Cable U Hook Standard Black
EZI-HOME-22Easee, EV Charging, Main UnitEasee Home 11/22kW
EZI-KEY-60101Access Control, Easee, EV ChargingEASEE RFID KEY PACK OF 10
EZI-ONE-7Easee, EV Charging, Main UnitEasee One 7.4kW
EZI-PED-SINEasee, EV Charging, Mounting PostEasee Base 1-Way Mounting Post for EV Charger
EZI-READYCharge Point Connection Unit, Easee, EV ChargingEasee Ready – Backplate and Blind cover
EZI-CHARGE-22Easee, EV Charging, Main UnitEasee Charge 11KW /22kW
EZI-CVR-ANTHCover, Easee, EV ChargingEasee Charger Cover Anthracite
EZI-90201Easee, EV Charge Cable, EV ChargingType 2 cable with 7.5m lead